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Dura Vermeer Is a well-established construction company in the Netherlands with a rich history and an impressive reputation. Its decentralized organization is one of its major strengths. This means that while harmonization can further optimize Dura Vermeer’s processes, it’s the nuances in these processes that allow Dura Vermeer to act with great effectiveness in a local context.

To support this decentralized way of working, Dura Vermeer created its own ERP system to manage its portfolio of property development and construction projects. This custom-built ERP system is in use by all its legal entities and fits the organization like a glove.

However, the technology stack on which the ERP system is based has become outdated. Hence the need to rebuild the application and migrate its technology stack to the cloud to ensure it is future-proof.

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Dura Vermeer

The technology stack on which the old ERP system was based had become outdated. Hence the need to rebuild and future-proof the application by migrating its technology stack to the cloud.

Marcel Roovers
Head of Delivery

Dura Vermeer was looking for a technology partner to find the best approach to renew its ERP system. It needed a company to support them to develop the new version of its ERP system as an open, cloud-native platform to seamlessly integrate its processes both internally and externally.

The Need

Utilus has a proven track record in designing and delivering working software for mission-critical systems. We strongly believe in a co-authorship with our clients based on short iterations. This allows us to translate our customer’s business acumen into working software while taking advantage of the many insights we gather along the way.

Why Utilus

We started a joint proof of concept to determine if it was technically and financially feasible to rebuild the ERP system. Based on that proof of concept, we designed a plan for the entire project. During the project, Dura Vermeer and Utilus are in close collaboration. As with all of our projects, an agile approach is combined with steadfast periodic reporting on schedule, budget and the work itself.

The Approach

The Solution

The existing ERP system has been broken down into a suite of micro services based on the processes that underlie the ERP system. These micro services, as well as the front-end, are built from scratch. This allows us to keep the strengths of the existing system while introducing a far more user-friendly flow to the front-end.

The infrastructure on which the system runs is completely configured through software. As a result, new environments can be brought online and updated quickly and reliably without manual steps. Build pipelines ensure that deploying a new release to every environment can be performed with a single click.

The development of the new system follows the lifecycle of construction projects. Once support for the entire lifecycle is in place, more features will be added to support a larger portion of Dura Vermeer’s project portfolio.

The Benefits

Once it’s live, the new ERP system will enable Dura Vermeer to continue to support its growing portfolio of projects whilst integrating more seamlessly with its partners using the open architecture of the new system.

The vastly improved user-friendly front-end will ensure that the application’s use will become even more widespread and data generated in the application more readily used in reporting and adjacent processes to further optimize Dura Vermeer’s delivery processes and financial control.

In 1855 Dura opened the first carpentry shop in Katendrecht in Rotterdam. Vermeer started her road construction company in Cruquius in 1961 and they merged into one Dura Vermeer in 1998. This has now evolved into a company of over 3000 employees with a turnover of 1.5 billion euros. They belong to the top of the most innovative and sustainable construction companies in the Netherlands.

Nowadays, Dura Vermeer consists of more than twenty independent operating companies which means that they combine a strong regional anchoring with the knowledge, strength and resources of a nationally operating company. Dura Vermeer’s core activities concern the development and realization of construction and infrastructure projects as well as their maintenance and renovation.

About Dura Vermeer

The new ERP system will enable Dura Vermeer to continue growing its portfolio of projects while integrating more seamlessly with its partners using the open architecture of the new system.

Marcel Roovers
Head of Delivery

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Marcel Roovers

Head of Delivery

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