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Online learning

We took over the maintenance of a number of existing online learning environments. By consolidating shared (but separately implemented) functionality, such as authentication and result storage, we will be able to speed up functional changes and lower overall cost. Furthermore, we are working on technically streamlining the environments so they can be moved into our standardised support operation, which lowers hosting cost and increases uptime significantly.

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Air Traffic Control

Because of stringent safety requirements systems can only be updated at LVNL in scheduled service windows. Because of the increasing volume of air traffic, these service windows are becoming smaller and smaller. Together with our partners from Sioux we help LVNL redesign their deployment strategy, and structurally reprogram the systems, so they can be updated with zero downtime. 

Backend system

The operation of the Dutch Lottery is performed by a number of service providers that need to work together seamlessly, on a sub second basis. Together with our partners from Trifork, we designed, built and operate a gateway solution that decouples all NLOs suppliers, and allows NLO to maintain control over them, while running a 24/7 resilient operation. 

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