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Team Power.

In past lives we’ve built and grown successful IT startups, and worked on multi-year software development projects. Now we prefer to work in small, empowered teams with 100% customer focus, co-developing what we love - software that works.


Can you make us Stronger?

We are looking to change the IT industry. We take end-to-end responsibility of a software system, from initiation, to design and development, through initial operations and the many many changes that are subsequently needed to keep the system going, relevant, and commercially viable. This means working with engineers who like to think about and build optimal solutions. We are not spending a couple of weeks to add a feature and then move on. We aim for long term, integrated relationships with clients, where we work closely together. We take the combined knowledge of our clients’ team and make that executable in the form of software. In a cost-effective and sustainable way. Built on microservices, in the cloud, with clean APIs, fully CI/CD, with built in telemetry and A/B testing strategies. We work for A-list clients that need their services to be rock solid. We are constantly pushing to make things go faster, cheaper and more effective - for everyone’s benefit.

If you would like to apply for any of our open positions, please drop us an email at careers@utilus.nl, with an up-to-date CV. We are also interested in you as a person, so in lieu of the bulk standard ‘motivation’ letter, please tell us about yourself - this helps us have a nice conversation and get to know you a bit better.

Our People

In past lives we’ve built and grown successful IT startups, and worked on multi-year software development projects. Now we prefer to work in small empowered teams with 100% customer focus, co-developing what we love - software that works. We’re passionate, we’re smart, we’re pragmatic. What we strive to do is help our customers innovate, and create things with them that have immediate and ongoing impact. We are more than our job titles, and when you’re a startup you have to be. A part of what makes us tick is our openness and trust in each other. We bring everything to the game, including our rough edges. We build software services to solve problems for our customers that no one else will solve for them. This takes guts, and it takes strong and smart people. Hopefully you will bring along your skills and talent to help make us stronger!

Working at Utilus

We work in what we have coined a “Team Power” way of approaching projects, whether they be our own or for our customers. Simply put, instead of developers shuffling between projects on an hourly or daily basis, our people work on one full-time project at a time. This creates focus on the customers’ goals, and allows the team to take pride and ownership of their work. There are many other things that we like about working here, we’ve tried to capture a few of them here:


Office Life

Our offices are located in Central Amsterdam, at the WeWork Weesperplein location. Here we have fantastic workspaces for our team, focus areas, casual areas, meeting rooms for collaboration. We offer all our people the opportunity to choose their own workspace. There are beer taps on every floor and it’s been known for a game of fusball, table tennis or pool to break out on a Friday afternoon. Of course you get the opportunity to use the latest and greatest technology, and work with incredibly smart peers.

Global team

We are not a huge company, however we represent multiple nationalities within our office in Amsterdam. Add to that nearshore operations in Portugal and Greece, we have a truly multi-national team. Combining that with the many companies that we share our space with at WeWork, we have and are surrounded by entrepreneurial spirit at every corner. Just come as you are, warts and all - there is a place for you here amongst our misfits.


learning organisation

We support and will make time for you to be part of communities that you believe in. Like to blog, attend conferences and seminars? Create open source code? Attend or host meet-ups at our location? Help organise DevOpsDays Amsterdam? We support this so much that every member of our technical team receives an annual amount which they can spend on getting to/from and attending the conference(s) they feel provide them with the knowledge and learning opportunities that they desire. Yes, it’s enough to get to Las Vegas to attend re:Invent :-)


Of course we take immense pride in what we do, and what we achieve with our customers and partners. We also take pride in how we celebrate these milestones. We have a variety of get togethers, parties, celebrations, summer and winter outings, and of course office drinks (onsite and offsite). On a sunny summer afternoon we are also partial to jump onto someone’s boat and take it mobile on the canals.



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