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We are looking to change the IT industry. We take end-to-end responsibility of a software system, from initiation, to design and development, through initial operations and the many many changes that are subsequently needed to keep the system going, relevant, and commercially viable. This means working with engineers who like think about and build optimal solutions. We are not spending a couple of weeks to add a feature and then move on. We aim for long term, integrated relationships with clients, where we work closely together. We take the combined knowledge of our clients team and make that executable in the form of software. In a cost-effective and sustainable way. Built on microservices, in the cloud, with clean APIs, fully CI/CD, with built in telemetry and A/B testing strategies. We work for A-list clients that need their services to be rock solid. We are constantly pushing to make things go faster, cheaper and more effective - for everyone’s benefit.

If you would like to apply for any of our open positions, please drop us an email at careers@utilus.nl, with an up-to-date CV. We are also interested in you as a person, so in lieu of the bulk standard ‘motivation’ letter, please tell us about yourself - this helps us have a nice conversation and get to know you a bit better.

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Java Developer, CLOUD, containers

We would like to get in to contact with experienced Java Developers to be part of our team. You will be working on a variety of interesting and relevant systems. If you would like to work on one project for a long time, this is probably not the job for you. If you enjoy a fast paced environment where you get the chance to shape the way the devops team operates, we promise you you will not be disappointed. 

You do not shy away from technologies and frameworks that are uncommon or shall we say, past their prime. You love working with existing code and know all the ways to improve them in a cost-effective way, while keeping what’s good. You are intimately familiar with AWS or Google Cloud environments, and know how to leverage cloud frameworks to replace parts of existing systems.

Contact tobias.kuipers@utilus.nl and stop by in the centre of Amsterdam to see if we can work together. 

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DevOps Engineer

We build new systems, and take over existing systems. Invariably, these systems will be containerised and moved to a cloud environment. Either a VPC, or a public cloud. We are looking for people to help us achieve this. If building infrastructures using Terraform, and deploying multiple versions of the same API for different clients on multiple deployment environments sounds like fun, please contact us. 

If taking over the operation of a twelve year old system in a safety critical environment and creating a CI/CD pipeline for it to deploy to a VPC based Kubernetes platform, such that the system can now be deployed every day instead of twice year sounds like a challenge you would run towards instead of run away from, you have come to the right place.

Contact tobias.kuipers@utilus.nl and stop by in the centre of Amsterdam to see if we can work together. 

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We run our projects in close cooperation with our clients, often with teams that are distributed over multiple sites. Since we are end-to-end responsible, and do not charge by the hour, projects need to managed effectively. We do not use an unchecked agile/scrum process, but have a high level plan with both a time line and a budget, and use agile processes to work within that high level time line. 

Our projects impact the primary process of our clients, so there is, shall we say, above average management attention to them. If you have experience managing multi-national projects for large corporate clients, and rather work with a small, fast moving and dedicated team we are looking for you. If like to delight your clients by delivering solutions that are just right, surprisingly cost effective and like to work with small teams of dedicated professionals you will find working with us a lot of fun. 

Contact tobias.kuipers@utilus.nl and stop by in the centre of Amsterdam to see if we can work together.