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Job Description

Regardless of whether Back-End, Front-End, Full-Stack, DevOps, a large part of what makes being part of our development / engineering organisation at Utilus so rewarding is the challenge you will have. The job starts hard, and will only get harder. You will not be sitting around your first few weeks ‘getting a feel for things’. You’ll be straight to the task at hand, doing what you love to do. If you enjoy a fast paced environment where you get the chance to shape the way our DevOps team operates, we promise you will not be disappointed. If you believe in constant improvement, and want to work with a team that helps one another reach that goal, then please continue reading.

As a Java Developer you are sworn to delivering high-quality, reliable and maintainable code. Code reviews certainly don’t trouble you - you welcome them with open arms. You are at home working with customers, project managers, designers and the rest of your teammates, to ensure the rapid delivery of properly working software to those that will use it. Your pragmatic and agile. DevOps is part of your system, and you have very strong desire to become better at your craft, learn new ways of doing things, and to help those around you.


what you will get to do:

  • Use the latest tools and technologies to build extremely high-quality software for our customers.

  • Constantly evaluate and use new technologies to help our customers overcome their challenges.

  • Work on multiple projects creating small and large scale distributed systems.

  • Care about developing applications and infrastructures that help solve real problems for our customers.

  • Automate everything.

required skills:

  • 3+ years experience in software development using Java building proof of concepts, MVP’s and enterprise software applications.

  • Solid understanding of software version control (Git).

  • Experience developing server less applications to run in AWS.

  • A passion for software development. .

  • Knowledge of Agile methodologies.

  • Knowledge of design principles, SOLID principles.

  • Strong attention to detail, accuracy and thoroughness.

  • A natural match to our way of working, which is 100% DevOps.

desired skills / experience:

  • Experience and exposure to Spring framework.

  • Experience scaling applications with containers and container orchestration frameworks.

  • Exposure to tools with in our stack: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform to name a few.

  • Solid understanding of the principles of cloud native architecture.

  • Developing and deployment of microservice based solutions.

  • Solid understanding of Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration best practises.

  • Past contributions to open source projects, community involvement, writing/blogging about lessons and experiences or presenting at community / industry events or conferences.

Working At Utilus

We are looking to change the enterprise software development industry, and we are growing a team of smart, ambitious and pragmatic people to accomplish this. We take end-to-end responsibility of a software system; from initiation, to design and development, through initial operations and the many changes that are subsequently needed to keep the system going, relevant and commercially viable. Our mission is to strive for engineering excellence, to foster continuous improvement and help both our people and our customer succeed and reach their full potential, and to automate anything and everything that can be automated.

We work for A-list clients that need their services to be rock solid, including our own. We are constantly pushing to make things go faster, cheaper and more effective - for everyone’s benefit.

If you would like to apply for this position, please drop us an email at careers@utilus.nl, with an up-to-date CV. We are also interested in you as a person, so in lieu of the standard ‘motivation’ letter, please tell us about yourself. This helps us have a nice conversation and get to know you a bit better.