Business continuity

Preparing for the next ten years


Running a successful business requires looking ahead, but that can be difficult when the software a company relies on starts showing its age. Utilus helps by replacing ageing systems and preparing them for the next ten years of doing business.

The effects of ageing or unsupported software can go from small annoyances to unsatisfied customers very quickly. Thankfully, there are several ways to go about replacing or renewing the software that puts the continuity of your business at risk. Utilus has extensive experience in evaluating legacy software and coming up with a plan to either modernize or rebuild entirely.

Looking ahead is easier with a clean slate

Examples of our work

Business continuity in practice

Industry: air traffic control


A company in the air traffic control industry used an obsolete software stack to process non-flight related information. Upgrading to the latest version was not feasible due to a high number of interdependencies as well as the difficulty of training new personnel on the old system because it required understanding dozens of technologies.


Our team changed the structure of the system, splitting it into separate parts allowing for new deployments and upgrades. Dividing the system into logical sub-systems also made it much easier for new personnel to be trained on the subsystems they would actually be working with

Industry: non-profit


A well-known charity worked with a central administration system that evolved over the course of 20 years. Along with external factors, its age and design resulted in a system that was extremely difficult to work on, let alone improve. Even performing simple maintenance became an issue. This led to the departure of the original (offshore) development team who preferred easier and more rewarding work.


A drastic structural overhaul was required to get the central administration system back to a state that is more reliable and capable of being adjusted and upgraded in both legal and functional terms. Another priority was to design the new structure in such a way that other developers could come in and work on the system much more easily than before.

“Business continuity can be threatened by the departure of personnel familiar with a system, software sprawling over a long period of time or even something as simple as a vendor no longer supporting certain applications.”

Why you should work with Utilus

Communication is key

We keep you up-to-date throughout the process, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Complete package

We don’t just come up with a plan to revitalize the software that supports your business, we have the experience and the manpower to actually build the solutions as well.


We are not bound to a specific application or software suite. This means you can trust our recommendations to be unbiased and made with your situation in mind.

Closely involved

Projects that involve the software side of business are never inconsequential. That is why our work is characterized by intelligence and sincerity.

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