Business transformation

When growth exceeds capabilities


When the business grows beyond the capability of the software supporting it, we can help. Utilus builds new software that matches the ambitions of companies in the midst of transformation, without slowing down growth or losing existing business.

Growth isn’t the only reason that a company’s IT capabilities no longer seem sufficient. For instance, sometimes a system is not capable of meeting the demands of a new strategy. Utilus adapts existing systems or builds new ones that adequately support businesses as they grow or start moving in a new direction.

Software that matches ambitions

Examples of our work

Business transformation in practice

Industry: energy


The energy market is going through fundamental change. Where there used to be a centralized system with a single plant that supplied millions of consumers with power, those same consumers now generate their own power with solar panels. Given the limits of local power grids and the very different demands now placed on them, balancing demand and supply has become a complex puzzle.


Utilus is working with a major power company to build a Virtual Power Plant. This Virtual Plant will be able to predict as well as manage supply and demand over a massive number of power producing devices. The predictions are then aggregated and presented to traders who then have exactly the information they need to make the best trades.

Industry: commercial real estate


A leading European warehouse and business park developer is accelerating its growth which means managing thousands of active locations throughout Europe. The management systems they work with currently can’t cope with that kind of growth and require an overhaul.


Unlike other clients where our solutions are mostly custom built, we worked together with this client to create a kind of hybrid system that consists of generally standard components held together by a custom framework. The result is a new real estate management system that is designed to handle the greater number of locations as well as new locations that are likely to be added in the future.

“Everything worked well back when we had around 10.000 concurrent users. Now that we have over a million, the system’s limits are becoming very obvious.”

Why you should work with Utilus

Communication is key

One of our priorities is to keep you up-to-date throughout the process, allowing you to make informed decisions when needed.

Complete package

We don’t just come up with a plan to revitalize the software that supports your business, we have the experience and the manpower to actually build the solutions as well.


We are not bound to a specific application or software suite. This means you can trust our recommendations to be unbiased and made with your situation in mind.

Closely involved

Projects that involve the software side of business are never inconsequential. That is why our work is characterized by intelligence and sincerity.

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