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Whether it’s moving applications to the cloud, reducing data center and hosting costs, reducing management load or taking over full operations on your behalf while still giving you complete control; Utilus cloud operation services are a great fit for your organization.

Flexible, reliable
 and efficient.

Extensive experience with at scale cloud operations means you can rely on a service that is both cost effective and highly reliable.

Micha van Breda
Team Lead Cloud Operations

We take full responsibility for operations. Once the required level of performance and available budget are set, we will make sure the agreed upon levels are always met.

We work with all the major public cloud providers and have our own 24/7 cloud operations team. Based on the non-functional requirements, we will design and build a cloud infrastructure that can support a 24/7 zero-downtime operation, if that is what is needed. Of course, if the requirements are less stringent, a more cost-effective infrastructure can also be provided.

In addition, we help move applications to the cloud. This reduces data center and hosting cost and helps reduce the management load of running traditional operations. We can also take over your full operations and manage it on your behalf while still giving your development teams full managed control over what versions of systems to deploy when.

Because our cloud operations engineers have many years of experience running cloud operations at scale (and because we run all client operations in a similar way, using the same operational procedures and monitoring and alerting systems) we can deliver a very cost effective cloud operations management service while still taking full responsibility for service levels.

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Micha van Breda is the resident cloud operations specialist at Utilus. Do you want to know more about moving your applications to the cloud? Get in touch with us today and he will gladly tell you everything you need to know.

Micha van Breda

Team Lead Cloud Operations