Being aware of bottlenecks that throttle operations is one thing, but pinpointing their exact location and resolving them is a different matter. At Utilus, we have developed a pathfinding method that can find and fix the issues that are holding you back.

Find and fix what
 is holding you back

The most common bottlenecks often involve a combination of factors, not all of them technical. Knowing where to look and who to talk to comes from experience.

René Pingen
Senior Consultant

It doesn’t matter how specific or wide-ranging the problems are, pathfinding means we identify issues and create solutions for them as we go. The process consists of four phases.

We discover what the problem looks like from the shop floor or from the perspective of clients.

Once that’s done, we define the problem specifically in terms of the actual impact it has on your organization.

During the development phase we work with several stakeholders to come up with possible solutions.

The final phase, delivery, sees small scale testing of the most promising solutions to determine what works and what will have the most significant impact.

Solutions that are selected during the final phase can be turned into a robust software delivery project that will apply the solution at scale.

Pathfinding: a four
 phase process

Why you should work with Utilus


Clear milestones delivered quickly.

Team of experts

The best people working on the most challenging projects.

Communication is key

Frequent updates allow you to make informed decisions during the process.

Smart use of building blocks

No unnecessary development or wasteful use of resources.

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René Pingen

Senior Consultant