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Utilus relies on clear structure and proven methods to ensure smooth delivery of a minimum viable solution. The solution is developed in three week iterations during which we keep you up to date and able to make adjustments should priorities change.

Ensuring success

Our teams often include some of your own specialists. This is a great way to tap into available knowledge and to foster alignment.

Marcel Roovers
Head of Delivery

For each software project, we assemble a group of professionals. These typically include a project manager, a software architect, a UX designer, a product owner, software developers, DevOps engineers and testers. Occasionally, members from your own organization are included to foster alignment.

Team members are chosen for their relevant expertise in both the technologies used and the industry domain. Depending on the level of interaction required, team members can either be local or work from a near-shoring location.

The project will be delivered in three week iterations with clear priority setting based on the design of the solution. Every three weeks, you are thoroughly updated and shown whether we are behind or ahead of schedule.

Of course, priorities can change during development. In that case, we will correct the course to align it with the changed priorities.

Invariably we will work towards going live with a minimal solution as soon as possible. Once the system is live, and your team and your clients start working with it, we will find out what works and what does not, and can improve the system with each iteration.

In the design process we take great care of making so-called non-functional requirements explicit, so we know beforehand how many transactions to expect, what the availability requirements are, how many user will log on at the same time, et cetera. This means that the part of the system that is hard to change will be solid and will not need to change as long as the requirements do not.

The functional side of the system can be improved and changed in an agile way, without the productivity slowdown that is usually a part of long running agile software development.  Most importantly, during the entire process, proper communication and collaboration is key in ensuring successful software delivery.

Collaboration is key

Why you should work with Utilus


Clear milestones delivered quickly.

Team of experts

The best people working on the most challenging projects.

Communication is key

Frequent updates allow you to make informed decisions during the process.

Smart use of building blocks

No unnecessary development or wasteful use of resources.

Get in touch with Marcel Roovers

Marcel Roovers is the resident software design specialist at Utilus. Do you want to know more about our approach to software design? Get in touch with us today and he will gladly tell you everything you need to know.

Marcel Roovers

Head of Delivery