Congratulations, Nederlandse Loterij, on achieving release 100 for the Gateway Project

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Congratulations, Nederlandse Loterij, on achieving release 100 for the Gateway Project.

This achievement is a testament to the power of innovative collaboration, as Nederlandse Loterij, Trifork, and Utilus have integrated their expertise over a span of four transformative years.

The Gateway Project is a marvel in digital architecture. It is at the heart of all of the businesses of Nederlandse Loterij, including Staatsloterij and Lotto.

All activities of Nederlandse Loterij are organized as independent software suites upon the cloud-native Gateway infrastructure. At the same time the Gateway provides centralized logging, metrics, and so on.

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, the collaboration between Trifork, Nederlandse Loterij and Utilus has empowered Nederlandse Loterij to scale new heights in operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Here’s to the next 100 releases! May they bring continued innovation, resilience, and continuing commitment to excellence.

Rolf Bonninga

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