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Your software, our responsibility

Building Software Smarter

Utilus works with innovative companies to help transform their business with cloud-native software development and design. We architect, design and build real-time transactional systems. We renovate existing on-premise legacy systems into hands-off container based solutions. And anything in between. Performant, scalable, value-driven solutions that address serious problems for our customers.

We believe in driving value with everything we do. We help startups build smarter, and enterprises build faster. We value agility and skills over lengthy process. Usage is the new metric, and we build software that is always usable.

Software development and infrastructure engineering is our background, every single one of us. We architect, design and build cloud-native solutions that are engineered to scale, perform, and run anywhere. In our past lives we’ve built and grown successful IT startups, and worked on multi-year software development projects. Now we prefer to work in small, empowered teams with 100% customer focus, co-developing what we love - software that works.

The systems that we build are built to run, and to keep running. We manage the operations and the services for these systems, and we make sure the systems are adapted to reflect the clients need. We dispense with the traditional ‘operations’ or ‘support’ team - the team that builds it is the team that runs it, for every customer.


Utilus website 3 x foto's 1.jpg

The principles that guide us


We have successfully built complex systems dozens of times, and are able to react to changing requirements and new opportunities. We typically work in two-week development sprints, together with our customers. We are able to pinpoint issues quickly and adjust functionality in real-time to ensure constant delivered value.


Working all night and all weekend has been shown to be rather detrimental to productivity. Our people work at a pace and with a quality measurement that can be maintained over time. We know how to ‘go olympic’ when needed, but also recognise the value in taking time to recharge. Fresh eyes and a cleared mind generally leads to new motivation and enthusiasm.

Team power

We work with our customers with a ‘Team Power’ methodology. Simply put, instead of developers and engineers shuffling between projects on an hourly or daily basis, our people are assigned to one full-time project at a time. This creates focus on the customers’ goals, and allows the team to take pride and ownership in their work.


Our customers have absolute visibility into, and immediate ownership of all work-in-progress. And of any and all runtime production issues. And their resolutions. We believe in an open and collaborative approach, that ensures our customers know in real-time what any member of their team is working on, and of course the overall health of the project and running applications.

rapid delivery

Release early and release often. The more that is developed before putting it in front of real users, the higher the chances that you’re building the wrong thing. Putting usable software in into the hands of those that are going to use it, as quickly as possible, allows your Utilus team to focus on what matters, saving valuable development time.


We don’t like the words ‘supplier’ or ‘vendor’. We prefer ‘partner’. And let’s make that long-term. We have immense pride not just in the quality of our code, but in the way we work together with our customers. We prefer to challenge assumptions, find common ground with prioritisation, and to build the right features at the right time. Injection of startup DNA into every project accelerates development and results.