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Your software, our responsibility

Software as a service. Made to measure.

Software is never finished. One week after a new software project is delivered, someone has found a smarter way to do things. One of your colleagues, one of your competitors, or one of your clients. And then you face a choice. Leave the software as it is, because at least it works. Or start a new project, to change the software. 

You don't have to make that choice anymore. Utilus builds software services specifically for your organisation, and adapts it to change with the market (or technology, or governance rules, or organisational structure...). We build software that is never finished, but always usable. Software that is a joy to use, for both your team and your clients. Without discussion or hidden cost. 

We build and renovate real-time transactional systems for our clients. We build cloud-native solutions from scratch, or we take an existing on-premise legacy systems and renovate them into a hands-off container based solution. And anything in between.

We build these systems to run, and to keep running. We manage the operations and the services for these systems, and we make sure the systems are adapted to reflect the clients need. All for a fixed price that is set up-front, so that there are no surprises.


Utilus website 3 x foto's 1.jpg



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We guarantee the design and operations of our services


No matter how many people use your service at the same time, the software can handle it. Even if you haven't told us beforehand.  Our software is autoscaling from the start, so they will automatically increase capacity if demand grows, at a moments notice.


Encryption and security are no longer optional. Based on your data classification levels we will make sure that all classified data is always fully encrypted during transport and storage. We monitor each and every service 24 hours a day on intrusions.


Software is executable knowledge. And as this knowledge grows, the software needs to change. We will make sure the software is always adapted to the latest insights, and supports the most efficient operation. 


The software is designed for minimal energy usage. Which is great for mobile users, because it improves their battery life. And it is great for the climate, because all the data centers we use are carbon neutral.


Both team members and clients expect software to react instantly. If searching the web takes milliseconds, how can anythoing else be slower? We engineer our software from the ground up to be super responsive. Otherwise your clients will leave, and so will your team members.


Call it intelligence or call it Big Data. Our software always delivers the insights you need to optimise your operation. If all your clients move in a different direction, you'll be the first to know. And if your department can save 10% of time by making a single change in the software, we are working on that already.