Our method for software renewal

We are Utilus, and we are committed to replacing and creating essential IT systems that enable companies to advance with minimal disruption.


First and foremost in our method for replacing essential IT systems, we employ a method similar to how large central transportation hubs like Schiphol Amsterdam Airport operate. Even though maintenance or renovations may make stairways, entrances, or even entire platforms temporarily unavailable, the overall system continues to function smoothly by rerouting traffic. Similarly, during our software renewal projects, we strategically replace components to ensure that both the system and your business keep running with minimal disruption.


The show must go on, always

The second crucial element in our approach is our specialisation in designing bespoke solutions for companies whose needs outgrow the constraints of off-the-shelf software. Businesses often deal with convoluted systems that have developed organically over the years. When these systems turn into bottlenecks, addressing their complexity requires a tailored approach. We have the expertise to discern which elements can be kept and what needs an overhaul to bring your essential IT infrastructure up to date


We deliver tailor-made solutions

The third crucial component of our approach is the dedicated team we deploy to your company’s site. We place skilled developers directly within your company to develop the software that is pivotal for the success of your project. While some Utilus specialists may work from international locations, they remain dedicated in-house team members rather than outsourced freelancers responsible for critical tasks. This collaborative approach ensures rapid information exchange and the swift evolution of new ideas.


Dedicated teams ensure success

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