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Agile software development is great since it allows you to make changes quickly based on in-use feedback. However, delivering exactly what is needed over a longer period is just as important. The Utilus design process strikes just the right balance between short and long term.

Reliable approach
 to software design

The Utilus software design process identifies risks, tests different options and delivers what works.

Bob Huisman
Product Owner

The design process always starts with a proof-of-concept. This allows you to see exactly what is happening, whether that is a new user experience, AI that allows your team to focus on value added work or a real-time interface that replaces an error-prone batch operation.

The design process takes between one and four weeks on average. The process provides valuable insight on the structure of the system (the software architecture), the non-functional requirements, the infrastructure, the migration strategy and the interaction between the new system and the existing IT landscape.

As is typical for Utilus, clear goals for budget, schedule and delivery times are part of the design phase. This makes our approach to software design ideal for budget and scenario planning allowing you to compare the benefits of software renewal with the systems as they function currently.

Proof-of-concepts can also be used to find out what new thinking can do for business processes that have become stale and rigid.

Rethink the business 

Why you should work with Utilus


Clear milestones delivered quickly.

Team of experts

The best people working on the most challenging projects.

Communication is key

Frequent updates allow you to make informed decisions during the process.

Smart use of building blocks

No unnecessary development or wasteful use of resources.

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Bob Huisman is the resident software design specialist at Utilus. Do you want to know more about our approach to software design? Get in touch with us today and he will gladly tell you everything you need to know.

Bob Huisman

Product Owner