Software renewal



Software renewal allows your organization to get back to doing the things it wants to: less maintenance and more innovation. Less troubleshooting and more thinking of ways to serve customers better.

Are legacy systems slowing you down? Talk to our renewal specialists and start looking forward again.

Start looking forward

There are tons of examples where teams were completely tied up doing manual processing that an AI could have handled with ease.

Michael Andersen

Utilus specializes in renewing existing software systems. Based on our proven and unique method for software renewal, we help your organization get ahead of the curve so that your software once again becomes an asset instead of a liability.

Whether it’s building prototypes, convincing budget owners, finding the required specialists or taking over with a dedicated cloud operations team; we offer assistance on many levels.

An asset in stead of a liability

Why you should work with Utilus


Clear milestones delivered quickly.

Team of experts

The best people working on the most challenging projects.

Communication is key

Frequent updates allow you to make informed decisions during the process.

Smart use of building blocks

No unnecessary development or wasteful use of resources.


Get in touch with Michael Andersen

Michael Andersen is the resident software renewal specialist at Utilus. Do you want to know more about our software renewal service? Get in touch with us today and he will gladly tell you everything you need to know.

Michael Andersen