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Utilus now hosts a bi-monthly Utilus Engineering Challenge! This approach ensures that each project we undertake benefits from the collective expertise of our engineers. In this instance, Pedro Alonso and René Pingen have presented our current ideas regarding the development of a next-generation energy grid operating system. This system is tasked with contacting every energy-producing asset in the country every four seconds and must, of course, be available 24/7. Ian Stevens , Ruslan Hamzatov, Micha van Breda, and Tobias Kuipers have devised their own solutions to this challenge. Several promising concepts were identified, merged, and subsequently resulted in A. an enjoyable evening for all participants, B. an improved solution for the client, and C. in the coming months, a more robust energy grid in the Netherlands.

If this is the type of problem you want to work on, and the environment you want to do it in, please contact us: we have multiple roles available!

Taylor Daniels

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