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So nice to see our new office host the bimonthly Utilus Engineering Challenge! This way any one project we run benefits from the minds of our other engineers as well. In this case, Pedro Alonso  and  René Pingen present our current thinking on the implementation of a next-generation energy grid operating system that needs to contact every energy-producing asset in the country every four seconds and needs (obviously) to be available 24/ 7. Ian StevensRuslan HamzatovMicha van Breda  and  Tobias Kuiperscame up with their own solutions to the problem, and several good ideas were picked up, merged, and led to A. a fun evening for all involved, B. a better solution for the client and C. in a few months, a more stable energy grid in the Netherlands.
If this is the type of problem you want to work on, and the environment you want to do it in, please contact us: we have multiple roles available!

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