A big welcome to the Utilus team, Marcel!


It is with great pleasure that we announce that Marcel Roovers has joined Utilus as Director of Operations.

We have been working with Marcel in different capacities for the last 5 years where he has successfully led complex projects for NLO and Dura Vermeer that now routinely process millions of transactions a day with no data loss or downtime. Marcel will take this in-depth knowledge of complex software project management to his new role, where he becomes responsible for the successful delivery of all our development projects. He has joined the management team of Utilus, where he helps shape our strategy and our growth roadmap. Marcel holds a BA(Hons) from U Brighton and an MA from U Tilburg, and has a long and outstanding track record for such diverse companies as Arthur Andersen, ABN AMRO, T-Systems, Shell, NLO and Dura Vermeer.

Rumour has it that Marcel is also the some time organiser of seriously elaborate barbecue events, so we are also looking forward to his skills at our next company picnic!

Taylor Daniels

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