Congratulations with your Virtual Power Plant, Eneco!


With the aid of Utilus, this summer Eneco successfully launched its Virtual Power Plant – a huge step forward in tackling the energy transition.

Over the past two years, Eneco developed its own Virtual Power Plant (VPP) called Myriad. VPPs are networks of different types of energy-producing or storage devices, like solar panels and batteries, but also charging stations and gas power plants, that are pooled together to serve the electricity grid. It is the first VPP in the Netherlands of this size.

Utilus served as Eneco’s sole IT-partner for the development of Myriad.

With Myriad, Eneco combines all small and large assets that it has access to, to essentially form a large power plant. This enables them to be controlled and optimized from a central point using smart software.

As a result, it becomes possible to better manage moments of insufficient or excessive sustainable electricity production. Myriad can turn assets on or off within a few seconds, thereby providing the flexibility needed to keep the Dutch electricity grid in balance.

How does this VPP work? Please check the insightful video that Eneco created about this project here!

Taylor Daniels

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