New year, new vacancies!

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With Utilus' continued success, we are eager to welcome more several seasoned professionals to our expanding team.

We are now opening a range of permanent roles, each offering a unique opportunity to contribute to our dynamic and growing company.

–IT Solution Consultant

Utilus is currently seeking an IT Solution (Pathfinding) Consultant to join our rapidly growing Pathfinding practice. More about this role here.

–Technical Project Manager–Cloud Solution

As a Senior Project Manager at Utilus, you will be entrusted with leading and delivering complex projects from inception to completion. More about this role here.

–Solution Architect

We are currently looking for an accomplished Solution Architect to contribute to the rapid expansion of our Time & Attendance product. More about this role here.

–Cloud DevOps Engineer

As an Cloud DevOps Engineer you will be embedded in a development team that is maintaining and modernising a mission critical system. More about this role here.


Taylor Daniels

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