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On Tuesday, 26 September, René Pingen, CTO of Utilus, took centre stage at the Microsoft Technology Center in Amsterdam. The focus of the event was to explore how new technologies can play a role in the energy transition. Far from being a standard presentation, this was a joint event with Microsoft that brought together specialists, product teams, and clients.

The occasion was opportune, coming just after Microsoft’s launch of their new data platform, Microsoft Fabric. René underscored the importance of keeping clients abreast of such significant developments, emphasising how crucial it is to understand where technology can be aptly utilised.

Collaborative effort

Although hosted at Microsoft’s Technology Center, the event was not an exclusive presentation by either company. Rather, it was a collaborative effort featuring interactive sessions and contributions from both Utilus and Microsoft’s teams.

One of the highlights of the day was a whiteboarding session, focused on sharing knowledge and challenging existing architectural paradigms. The ultimate goal was to improve, simplify, and expedite the roll-out of new energy solutions that could assist the Netherlands in its energy transition efforts.

Stepping stone

By the end of the day, it was clear that this joint event was more than just a knowledge-sharing exercise; it was a stepping stone for future discussions and potential collaborations aimed at advancing the Netherlands’ energy transition goals.

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Taylor Daniels

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