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Utilus works on challenging projects for companies in different industries throughout Europe. We are always looking for talented developers who are interested in contributing to those projects. You can find available openings using the link below or call/email us directly if you want to learn more about Utilus.


Something more

A good salary, great benefits, challenging work, a fun team… all of these are valid reasons to take a certain job, but if you want to feel truly at home, you need something more. Read about our culture and core values ​​here.

About Utilus

Why Utilus

International team

Working with like-minded and talented individuals from different parts of the world is guaranteed to make your work day more engaging.

Challenging projects

One of the benefits of working for Utilus is a diverse portfolio and the interesting nature of the projects you can work on.

Develop your skills

You’re never done learning. That’s something we understand and encourage through special training and collaboration.

Unlimited vacation days

Our developers take their work seriously. This makes it easy to provide unlimited vacation days as a benefit.

To keep getting better at something this specialized, you need to be surrounded by experienced people who are very good at what they do. I found them at Utilus.
Björn 't Hart

No vacancy for you at the moment?

Interested in working with Utilus, but don’t see the perfect opening right now? Contact us and we’ll keep you updated on new positions as they come in.

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