Bringing Loodswezen to the cloud

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Did you know this focus aspect of ours? A key IT renewal expertise at Utilus involves moving essential IT applications to a cloud environment. For Loodswezen, Utilus has been leveraging its extensive knowledge of Microsoft Azure to assist in transitioning Loodswezen’s 24/7 IT systems to a cloud environment.

Loodswezen, or the Netherlands Pilotage Service, plays a crucial role in maritime navigation, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of ships in and out of Dutch ports. More specifically, Loodswezen’s pilot boats, tenders and launches guide vessels through the Netherlands’ busy waterways.

These include some of the world’s largest and most congested ports, such as the ones at Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Pilotage is actually a mandatory service for almost all seagoing vessels above a certain size that wish to enter or leave Dutch harbours. The organisation operates 24/7, using state-of-the-art to ensure pilots can reach vessels quickly and safely, regardless of weather conditions.

Want to know more about the collaboration between Loodswezen and Utilus? Check out the case here. Or contact Rolf Bonninga, responsible partner at Utilus.

And of course, thank you team Loodswezen for the collaboration so far!

Taylor Daniels

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