Transferring essential IT to the cloud


About Loodswezen

Loodswezen is responsible for annually piloting more than 90.000 sea-going vessels to and from Dutch and Flemish seaports. Piloting of sea-going vessels continues 24 hours a day, under all weather conditions, and is carried out by approximately 450 registered pilots. Since 1998, Loodswezen has been an independent operation. Its pilots are, as independent professionals, the only ones authorised in the Netherlands to pilot sea-going vessels.

From an IT perspective, Loodswezen is a complex operation, utilising numerous software applications traditionally operated from data centers. The organisation aims to transition all these applications to the cloud (Microsoft Azure). To facilitate in this process, Loodswezen has enlisted the services of Utilus.

The need

The collaboration between Utilus and Loodswezen was established due to Utilus’ extensive experience with Microsoft Azure, and its proven track record in implementing scalable, 24/7 operational IT systems. Furthermore, Utilus’ roadmap ensures that Loodswezen maintains control over the transition to the cloud.

Why Utilus?

While Loodswezen had already begun experimenting with the Azure cloud environment, Utilus is now assisting in transferring various software applications to the cloud, while simultaneously professionalising the IT environment.

The solution

Moving applications to the cloud enhances their scalability and accessibility across different divisions of Loodswezen. Additionally, transitioning from data centers to cloud solutions will enable Utilus to secure knowledge and manage costs more effectively.

The benefits

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