Dura Vermeer

Building Dura Vermeer's Next enterprise resource planning system


About Dura Vermeer

In 1855, Dura founded its first carpentry workshop in Katendrecht, while Vermeer started a road construction business in Cruquius in 1961. Merging in 1998 to form Dura Vermeer, the merged group has thrived, now boasting over 3.000 employees and a 1.5 billion euro turnover. The firm stands as an industry leader in the Netherlands, excelling in innovative and sustainable construction and infrastructure projects.

Acknowledging the rapid advancements in digitisation, Dura Vermeer identified the need to modernise its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which has evolved organically over a 30-year span.

The need

Impressed by Utilus’ track record in executing large-scale projects, Dura Vermeer opted for their services to overhaul its decades-old ERP system. The company also valued Utilus’ strategic methodology, which began with a proof-of-concept to address technical and financial considerations.

Why Utilus?

'From the moment the Utilus team arrived at Dura Vermeer, their hearts bled green and yellow. Same as ours'
Joost den Heijer
Director of IT, Dura Vermeer

Both Dura Vermeer and Utilus felt a custom-built system was the optimal solution for the company’s complex and varied needs.

The tailored system is designed to handle a multitude of tasks, from project planning to centralised purchasing.

The solution

'The new ERP system will enable Dura Vermeer to continue growing its portfolio of projects while integrating more seamlessly with its partners'
Marcel Roovers
Director of Operations, Utilus

Apart from the benefits already mentioned, the custom system is expected to yield significant cost savings. What Dura Vermeer also values in Utilus, with the words of Dura Vermeer IT Director Joost den Heijer, is ‘their pragmatic, results-driven approach. While they can be blunt, their focus on the end result resonates with Dura Vermeer’s own engineering mindset’.

The benefits

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