Eneco's VPP showcased at Microsoft with a focus on future innovations

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René Pingen, Utilus’ Chief Technology Officer, on 24 January delivered a collaborative presentation to a large group of Microsoft Azure Data product leads. The goal was to explore state-of-the-art technologies together with Microsoft to see how Utilus can deliver future value to its clients and provide Microsoft with input on how they can further improve their products.

The basis for the presentation was Utilus’ pioneering project: the development of a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in collaboration with Eneco. Building on this project, the Utilus team used Microsoft Fabric to build a proof of concept for the future of this great collaboration.

Some background:

Eneco’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

The VPP, a collaborative effort between Eneco and Utilus, signifies a leap in energy management. By harmonising various renewable energy sources, it embodies a sustainable approach, with one platform optimising energy distribution and efficiency.

‘The developments in data and AI and specifically Microsoft Fabric are very promising. It is really exciting to explore how these technologies can benefit our clients and to have an open discussion on product development and roadmap,’  René Pingen says.

Taylor Daniels

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