Utilus is proud to secure a 2023 FD Gazellen Award!

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For the second year running, Utilus has scooped up a prestigious FD Gazellen 2023 Award, sealing its status as fast-growing IT powerhouse in the Netherlands. Het Financieele Dagblad has notified Utilus of this achievement.

The award – that is given to the fastes growing companies in the Netherlands – has a base requirement of a revenue growth exceeding 20 per cent and of three consecutives years of revenue growth.

Additional factors that are taken into account are workforce expansion and profitability. This multi-dimensional approach ensures that the award not only recognises revenue growth but also factors in contributions to the job market and the broader economy.

Thank you very much to all our customers and to everybody in the Utilus team for making this achievement possible!

If you’d like to know more, please check the award’s criteria here. Also, you can find the homepage of the award here.


Rolf Bonninga

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