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We are proud to be able to add some recent client cases to our website. These case studies highlight Utilus’s versatility in providing essential IT solutions across various industries.

City Hub: smart energy management

City Hub faced a unique challenge with their solar energy production in Utrecht. Utilus stepped in with a smart application to efficiently manage the energy output, balancing efficiency with network constraints.

Loodswezen: smooth cloud integration

Loodswezen required expertise in transitioning their operations to the cloud. Utilus leveraged and is leveraging its Microsoft Azure proficiency, ensuring a seamless shift that enhances operational scalability and cost management.

These cases illustrate our commitment to delivering innovative and effective IT solutions, tailored to the unique needs of each client. Visit our website for more insights into how Utilus is driving change in diverse sectors.

CTP: streamlined project management

For CTP, Utilus developed a tailored app to facilitate project management in their real estate developments. This tool aids in efficient tracking and management, aligning with CTP’s vision for professionalising their projects.

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