Minimal downtime, maximum efficiency

Utilus brings together talent from across the globe to work on some of the most challenging IT projects out there. Our specialty? Building software solutions for businesses that handle millions of transactions daily. It does not matter whether you’re working with aging systems that require renovation or starting from scratch; the Utilus approach minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency.

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No surprises


Working with Utilus means resting easy in the knowledge that we will field only the best and brightest when taking on your project. Furthermore, proven methods and extensive experience allow a high degree of predictability when it comes to your project and the effectiveness with which it is managed.


Clear milestones delivered quickly.

Team of experts

The best people working on the most challenging projects.

Communication is key

Frequent updates allow you to make informed decisions during the process.

Smart use of building blocks

No unnecessary development or wasteful use of resources.

About us

Utilus partners & clients

Our clients expect excellence at every turn and that’s exactly what we deliver. Find out more about our work here.

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